Our Products

AR Joy:

Next-gen AR glasses for entertainment and Google-certified Android TV box for AR

AR Studio:

Spatial computing platform for multiple use cases


5G, explosion-proof (ATEX Zone 1 certified) MR glasses for heavy industry

Glass 2:

Lightweight for field service, logistics, and healthcare


individual use


5G Explosion-Proof (ATEX Zone 1 certified) MR Glasses for Industry

Empower workers with remote collaboration, smart inspection, digital workflows, and digital twins via 5G’s speed and stability, while meeting ATEX Zone 1 requirements.

Rokid Glass 2

Logistics, Field Services, and Healthcare

Glass 2’s versatility allows for it to be used in numerous sectors, and it is comfortable enough to be worn all-day for vision picking, inspection and maintenance procedures, and telemedicine.

Rokid AR Joy

Rokid AR Joy (Rokid Max and Rokid Station) for Next-Gen Entertainment

The industry leader, Rokid AR Joy provides the ultimate audiovisual experience while watching streaming services or playing games at home or on the go.


Enterprise AR for connected workers

Remote Collaboration:

Connect teams with experts anytime, anywhere

Smart Inspection:

AI-powered inspection tools to increase efficiency and accuracy

Digital Workflows:

Improve efficiency and quality

Digital Twins:

Compare physical assets with digital ones and conduct simulations for a variety of benefits, such as increasing efficiency or optimizing processes

3D Models:

Improve training and maintenance efficiency by enabling workers to see how essential equipment works

Voice Activated:

Keep workers’ hands free with voice control


Can hold up in rough environments

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Can be used both indoors and out

Key Industries


Client Reported Benefits

Save money


Save on labor costs by up to 50%
Save on maintenance costs by up to 34%

Save time


Increase work efficiency by up to 35%
Speed ​​up maintenance wait times by up to 53%

Personal Use

Streaming Services:

Your favorite shows and movies on a cinematic screen anywhere


Game on a 120Hz virtual screen anywhere

Mobile Office:

Stay productive whenever, wherever

In-Car Infotainment:

Never let drives be too long again

Global Coverage

Global Support

Our Team Covering 80+ Countries​

Combining augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), Rokid is transforming the way we work, learn, and play with AR glasses that by being simple to use, leave nobody behind.

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