2022 CES X Rokid Wrap Up

2022 CES wrap up – Rokid stunned the world with various AR products through unveiling industry’s First 5G explosion-proof AR headset and AR glass, detonating a new Metaverse era that deeply deploys AR multi-applications

[San Francisco, USA – Feb. 28, 2022]

Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), the 2022 annual technology symposium, ended  perfectly. Rokid, the world’s leading artificial intelligence software and hardware brand,  displayed a variety of new AR applications in the exhibition. The exhibition’s two major  themed sections, “5G x AR explosion-proof headset” and ” AI x AR Rokid Glass 2″, showcased Rokid’s exclusive AI smart technology, smart logic function, and industry-leading  optical technology. Rokid’s commitment to creating comprehensive AI and AR multi solutions aims to accelerate the implementation of smart commercial and industrial  applications for private enterprises and government entities. 

Augmented and virtual reality is a key connection to the Metaverse era. According to TrendForce reports, the global virtual reality application market is projected to reach  US$2.16 billion in 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 40% to exceed US$8.31 billion by 20251. Mr. Liang Guan, General manager of Rokid’s overseas department, enthusiastically stated: 

          “Adhering to our mission of ‘leave nobody behind’, Rokid strives to let artificial intelligence products and immersive experience enter public life through continuous improvements on product quality and consumer satisfaction. As early as 2016, Rokid has been proactively expanding our AR product pipeline across leading technological areas of optics, chips, smart voice, and visual image. “Rokid X-Craft”, debuted at CES, is the world’s first explosion-proof AR headset equipped with a 5G module. It is compatible with any helmets, specially designed for complex and high-risk environments. Moving forward, Rokid intends to continue to deepen the development of AR and MR technology, to perfectly integrate reality with the virtual world, and to create a smarter scientific and technological life for the public.”

Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof for complex and high-risk environments – the world’s  first “super worker” 5G x AR explosion-proof headset

“Rokid X-Craft”, the best super worker, is the world’s first explosion-proof AR headset equipped with a 5G module. Through the user-friendly ergonomic design, the weight of the headset is evenly distributed which enables long-lasting comfort. It also provided 4 control modes, including gesture control, head control, physical control, and voice control to help users perform hand-free execution. Besides, Rokid X-Craft used IP66 waterproof and dustproof and ATEX/IECEx certified for intrinsic safety zone 1. It was Specifically  designed for complex and high-risk environments. In terms of software, Rokid X-Craft has self-developed SDK/APIs, including voice engine, 3D unity, temperature detection, etc. Engineers not only can use glasses to take photos but also can use remote functions to seek assistance. Regarding hardware, it supports auxiliary equipment such as infrared thermal imaging, vibration  detectors, strong light flashlights, etc., to assist engineering experts in more efficient operation processes, and is suitable for multiple fields such as oil & gas, electric power,  aviation, rail transport. 

Super accurate, super light, super clear and easy to store – The industry’s “best assistant”  AI x AR Rokid Glass 2.  

There are various AR glasses on the market. However, Rokid Glass 2, the worthiest choice, designed for maximum comfort with aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy lined with soft EVA foam. With a 96g spectacle body and 95% transmittance, Rokid Glass 2 empowers smoother operations and promotes higher functionality. Moreover, Rokid Glass 2  offers a lightweight design, high-resolution display,and superior performance on a variety of  tasks. A hands-free voice control interface and robust extensions for use with existing mobile devices make it extremely versatile. Rokid Glass 2 continues to be adopted within the logistics, exhibition, healthcare, and education markets. 

As a leader in the field of AR smart application devices, Rokid’s AR applications have been  implemented in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Moving forward,  Rokid will focus on the development of various applications of AI-integrated AR technology,  providing comprehensive solutions for customers in different vertical fields to optimize user  experience, improve enterprise productivity, strengthen public safety, and realize a new life  of smart technology! 


About Rokid

Established in 2014, Rokid specializes in the research and product development of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With its mission of “leave nobody behind”, Rokid provides the extreme user experience, superior products, and robust enterprise solutions for developing communities. Our passion motivates us to make a positive and powerful impact on a broad range of industries.

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