AR Means Gapless Teams

Whether team members are spread across a country or the world, the fact is that those with the ability to troubleshoot problems are not always on-site. Getting an expert on-site is often time-consuming and causes costly downtime. On-site teams can lack the knowledge to perform inspections and maintenance work efficiently and properly. This can lead to future problems, such as equipment breaking down.


TeamViewer via X-Craft in a factory.


With TeamViewer’s enterprise AR platform, Frontline, and our 5G, explosion-proof AR glasses, these  geographical and knowledge gaps no longer exist. Frontline teams are able to immediately livestream issues to remote experts anywhere in the world, who can walk them through inspection and maintenance processes. Having experts guide them through work procedures ensures work is done efficiently and properly, reducing the need for costly rework in the future. It also closes the knowledge gap by empowering frontline workers with experts’ know-how.

You can also create 2D/3D digital workflows, which keeps essential information at eye-level at all times. This increases efficiency by eliminating the need for workers to check manuals. It also increases safety by allowing them to use both hands while they work, instead of occupying one hand with a checklist or tablet.

Another major advantage of leveraging Frontline on X-Craft is the ability to utilize X-Craft’s mix of cutting-edge tech and ruggedness. X-Craft is the first, and only, 5G explosion-proof AR glasses. X-Craft enables you to meet ATEX Zone 1 requirements, without sacrificing the speed and stability of 5G.

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