AR, VR, MR: What is the difference between these realities?

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality is concepts used to describe simulation in games and movies that allow users to feel part of a virtual world thanks to exposed realism on different levels. Due to its acronyms (VR, AR, and MR), people have difficulties distinguishing its characteristics. But the information that we will give here will help solve these doubts. Different software and hardware companies are betting on augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality solutions. As working on three types of realities can be confusing, today, we will explain the differences between them to prevent you from confusing them since they have many similarities.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR Characteristics

Augmented reality (AR) is a simulation in which the user receives an indirect view of a real scenario or environment through the use of digital technology. A good example of this could be an empty room that, with this simulation, could be shown in another color or with different furniture to check the result and facilitate purchase decisions. Graphics and sounds are other features that can help make this experience more realistic.

AR Platform

Although the digital elements and other augmented parts are superimposed on real life, they are not really part of it. It can be used to interact with the real world to help create improvement suggestions such as cooking recipes with the ingredients displayed on the camera.

AR Helmet

A helmet is capable of improving the experience and adding characters in a game that can speak and suggest, allowing for a much more realistic experience. Augmented reality can be described as real-life rather than digital, and the sensory experience is what draws you out.

AR Perspectives

We are already seeing augmented reality environments used in situations like training. It is also used for games and, more recently also with mobile technology to use GPS signals to add greater realism and accuracy.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR Characteristics

To improve the experience, we usually use headphones and cameras that block the real world. It is a completely immersive experience that will allow you to interact in a completely different world.

VR Platform

Virtual reality has already been used to train both medical and military teams and also in the video game sector, to offer an experience on a completely different level. Recently, it has gone even further to give users such a realistic experience that they can get lost in those virtual worlds.

VR Helmet

Wearing a helmet, people can walk in their environment while feeling and thinking that they are in a different place than their reality. They can interact with other users in games and with digital characters without the outside world interrupting the experience.

VR Expectations

Simulation scenarios and flight have already been able to use virtual reality as a training tool without the need to be simulating the action in real life. As far as gaming is concerned, it gives people a full experience in a virtual world. 360-degree videos are also sometimes confused with virtual reality, but there is no reason for interaction in them, and the scenario has actually been recorded in advance. Although virtual reality has been with us for a while, it still has a long way to go, and it is a great way to escape the real world and immerse yourself in a completely different one.

Mixed Reality (MR)

MR Characteristics

Mixed reality (MR) brings a digital world together with the real world to offer a completely new experience. Rather than adding elements to the real world, the experiences are interactive to the point where they can be applied in multiple ways. The characters and settings can be mixed with the real environments.

MR Platform

Mixed reality allows you to achieve a greater sense of realism since the digital scenarios take place in the real world. This can also be used in training and in gaming technology.

MR Helmet

Using a headset allows for a greater sense of realism; however, it is mixed reality. Not all scenarios are suitable for this device, especially when you want to interact with those who are physically present. However, it can also make it easier for users to interact on shared levels.

MR Perspectives

Holograms have recently been used to enhance sensations and make-believe that an object or character is really there. Synthetic content has gotten better and better all the time, which is a good sign that the future with mixed reality is not as far away as we might think. It is the closest technology when it comes to offering new experiences.

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