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Industrial AR Without HoloLens: Rokid X-Craft Emerges as the New Leader?

Recently I read about many articles menetioned that Microsoft has reportedly killed its plans for the HoloLens 3 | Engadget, and was contacts by many friends who asking me question that what devices will be best to use after this microsoft announcement,  indeed Augmented reality (AR) technology has rapidly evolved over the past few years

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Rokid’s AR glasses empower frontline medical workers with hands-free, voice-enabled, and remote collaboration

With COVID-19 infections continuing to rise worldwide, the healthcare system in numerous countries has collapsed due to unequal distribution of medical resources, insufficient equipment, and a shortage of healthcare workers. A recent innovation, Rokid Glass 2’s voice interaction capability enables full voice interaction and clear recording in a 90DB industrial noise environment, ensuring high-quality voice

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X-Craft helps the mining industry build an “XR collaborative ecosystem” and empowers enterprises to centralize management

In recent years, most mining enterprises have put more emphasis on production monitoring while less on supervision. Safety supervision and quality monitoring still mainly rely on various offline processes such as manual statistics, which affects the improvement of industrial efficiency and the safety of frontline workers. Rokid has built centralized management through the “XR collaborative

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Rokid AR glasses improve industrial process efficiency by 20% through remote collaboration

Numerous companies worldwide have slowed down their production in the past two years as experts have not been able to provide on-site guidance amid Covid-19 restrictions. To solve the production capacity problem during the epidemic, Rokid has improved the efficiency of well-known beverage companies through intelligent inspection and remote collaboration based on AR glasses. Rokid

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Rokid shared its vanguard AR total solution at Field Service Palm Springs 2022

【San Francisco, USA – April. 29, 2022】 Rokid, the world’s leading augmented reality (AR) company, sharing its full line of AR glasses, including X-Craft, glass 2, and Air Pro at booth #406 at Field Service Palm Springs 2022, showcasing completed solutions from hardware to software, from advanced technology to all-round applications.  X-Craft, demonstrated live at

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