What is educational AR?
Educational AR
It transforms lessons into engaging experiences that encourage a love of learning and increase retention via immersion.


Hands-on learning has a retention rate of up to 75%.

Easily update material without buying new textbooks.

Being lightweight makes it suitable for students of all ages.

History and Culture

Transport your students to historical events and cultural landmarks, allowing them to experience history and culture firsthand.


Allow students to virtually experiment with elements and observe reactions in a safe and cost- effective way.

Virtual Field Trips

Make field trips accessible to all students with virtual field trips that can take them anywhere.

Anatomy and Biology

Provide students with 3D visualizations of complex structures, enabling them to explore highly detailed models of the human body and biological processes.


Enable students to better understand physics through simulations of abstract concepts.


Increase interest in reading literature by bringing characters and scenes to life.

Use-Cases for Education

Modernize learning with immersive educational experiences.


Help students understand complex mathematical concepts by showing them how problems are solved and geometric shapes in 3D.

Earth Sciences

Show students visual representations of tectonic movements and fossil formations.

Foreign Language Learning

Provide students with a virtual language learning partner to help them with foreign language learning.


Aid students in designing complex prototypes and simulations through 2D/3D models.


Help students improve coding skills by enabling them to visualize code execution in real time.


Enable students to create, experiment, and visualize ideas on virtual canvases.
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