Our Products

AR Joy:

Google-certified Android TV box for AR

AR Studio:

Spatial computing


5G, explosion-proof (ATEX Zone 1 certified)

Glass 2:

Lightweight for field service, logistics, and healthcare


individual use


5G Explosion-Proof (ATEX Zone 1 certified) MR Glasses for Industry

5G: Access and upload files with 5G’s speed and stability.
ATEX Zone 1: Intrinsically safe and IP66 rated, X-Craft can be used in hazardous environment.

Rokid Glass 2

Lightweight AR Glasses for Field Service and Logstics

4G: Keep your workers connected wherever their jobs take them.
IP52: Rugged enough for most environments
Industries: Being used for field service, logistics, and healthcare.

White X-Craft

Rokid Air Pro

AR Glasses Designed for Low-Vision Patients

Featuring Eyedaptic’s software, Rokid Air Pro helps those suffering from age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other low-vision diseases regain their sight.

Rokid Max + Station Block

Lightweight AR Glasses for Education & Productivity!

Rokid AR Joy creates engaging education experiences, such as showing how to solve math problems or how chemical reactions work. It transports students to important historical events or takes them on virtual field trips. Rokid AR Joy allows working professionals to stay productive anywhere by creating virtual monitors to code, write reports, or do whatever else can’t wait. It is the first Google-certified Android TV box for AR and allows users to stream content from their favorite services or play games anywhere.


Enterprise AR for connected workers

Remote Collaboration:

Connect teams with experts anytime, anywhere

Smart Inspection:

AI-powered inspection tools to increase efficiency and accuracy

Digital Workflows:

Custom SOPs to improve quality

Digital Twins:

Compare equipment to virtual models

3D Models:

Easily understand how equipment works

Key Features

Wherever your job takes you, you can rely on X-Craft. It’s been to burning deserts of 50° C, frozen tundras of -20° C, even space, and held up. Rated IP66, you can count on X-Craft while  conducting an inspection at a power plant in the desert, or while performing maintenance on an offshore oil rig during a rainstorm.

Between its binocular, 40° field of view, waveguide, see-through display, contrast ratio of 400:1, and maximum brightness of 1,600 nits, you can see both the real and digital worlds clearly, regardless of whether you are indoors or out. Its algorithms offer contrast adjustment, color enhancement, and edge detection to give you the best vision assistance.

Regardless of whether you are surrounded by the noise of a mine or a factory, the voice activation technology will work, allowing you to keep your hands free and ensuring you stay safe.  

Voice Activated:

Keep workers’ hands free with voice control


Can hold up in rough environments

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Can be used both indoors and out

Key Industries


Client Reported Benefits

Save money


Save on labor costs by up to 50%
Save on maintenance costs by up to 34%

Save time


Increase work efficiency by up to 35%
Speed ​​up maintenance wait times by up to 53%

Personal Use

Streaming Services:

Your favorite shows and movies on a cinematic screen anywhere


Game on a 120Hz virtual screen anywhere

Mobile Office:

Stay productive whenever, wherever

In-Car Infotainment:

Never let drives be too long again

Global Coverage

Global Support

Our Team Covering 80+ Countries​

Combining augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), Rokid is transforming the way we work, learn, and play with AR glasses that by being simple to use, leave nobody behind.

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