Add value to your products or services by providing your clients with a next-gen infotainment system.

Use-Cases for Infotainment

Transform entertainment into an engaging experience that creates and immersive hands-on experiences.

Movies and TV

Give your clients a cutting-edge entertainment experience where they can watch their movies and TV shows in vibrant colors and perfect black.


Enable your clients to make long road trips or flights pass by in the blink of an eye by immersing themselves in their favorite games.


Give your clients access to their digital libraries without the strain of holding a book or handheld device for a long period of time.

Physical and Mental Health

Provide your clients with the ability to work out or meditate anywhere. Rokid Max keeps workout videos at eye-level, so your clients can always see the instructor, no matter what position they are in. It also increases focus and creates a sense of calm during meditation via a relaxing atmosphere of beautiful images and soothing music.

In-Car Entertainment

Long trips will never be too long again.
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