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Metaversing At Home and Away

In case you have forgotten, there was a massive movement towards remote “work-at-home” during the COVID-19 pandemic’s first two years. Everything slowed down while people learned how to get their home computers to act like their office computers. High-speed Internet connections became the gold standard. Childcare for those students locked out of their school, and “how to Zoom” classes were even ...
by Connected World [Jun 29, 2022]

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Rokid displayed their AR glasses to AWE 2022

Liang Guan, General Manager at Rokid, enthusiastically stated: “Numerous top-tech companies currently explore AR, XR, or the metaverse. As early as 2016, Rokid has been proactively expanding our AR product pipeline across leading technological areas of optics, chips, smart voice, and visual image.
by AREA [ June 8, 2022]

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Chinese AR Glasses Maker Rokid Spurns ‘Immersive’ Shut-Eye Metaverses

Founded in 2014, Rokid is an AI hardware company that develops smart products, the most notable of which is its augmented reality (AR) glasses. The company’s glasses are able to superimpose digital images onto the user’s view of their environment and respond to basic hand gestures. Primarily used for training and industrial uses, Rokid has three models of AR glasses already available...
by Forbes [Jun 6, 2022]

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Rokid Displays Its Well-Rounded AR Enterprise Solution And Award-Winning AR Glasses At AWE 2022

AWE, a leading extended reality (XR) community complemented with a series of worldwide events focused on the business of augmented reality (AR)and the Metaverse is coming. Rokid, the world's leading augmented reality (AR) company, announced ...
by CIO Application [ May 17, 2022]

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Rokid shared its vanguard AR total solution at Field Service Palm Springs 2022

Rokid, the world's leading augmented reality (AR) company, sharing its full line of AR glasses, including X-Craft, glass 2, and Air Pro at booth #406 at Field Service Palm Springs 2022, showcasing completed solutions from hardware to software, from advanced technology ...
by CIOReview [April 28, 2022]

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Rokid To Showcase Its Global-Leading AR Glass At Field Service Palm Springs 2022

Rokid, the world's leading augmented reality (AR) company, announced that we will showcase our full line of AR glasses, including X-Craft, glass 2, Air Pro, and Air at booth#406at Field Service Palm Springs 2022 fromApr.26 – Apr.28in Palm Springs, CA.
by Field Technologies Online [ April 20, 2022]

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Rokid enters strategic alliance with ARM China in developing AR chips for Metaverse total solutions

AREA member Rokid, augmented reality (AR) company, on April 19 2022 announced that it has formed a partnership with chip and service provider ARM China, leveraging IC design for AI products to create comprehensive AR solutions with high-performance ...
by AREA [April 21, 2022]

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Rokid wins the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design for X-Craft and Rokid Air Pro

This represents the award-winning product that integrates design and technology to create a better life experience for consumers through the power of technology and aesthetics. X-Craft, the world’s first explosion-proof MR device passed ATEX Zone 1 certificate and received a design award, being applied to hazardous scenarios such as ...
by AREA [ April 14, 2022]

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AR Provider Rokid Raises $160m Series C Funding to Expand Globally

Great news for AREA member Rokid as they close series C round of funding. Rokid has raised a total of $160 million from two tranches of Series C fundraising. Chinese startup Rokid has been through a few stages of transformation over its eight years of existence. The Temasek-backed company started out as a smart speaker maker when the vertical was all the rage in China in mid-2015s, but it has ...
by AREA [March 24, 2022]

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yahoo! newsChina's AR company Rokid closes $160M Series C to expand globally

While new players like Qualcomm-backed Nreal have emerged to attract early adopters with stylish, lightweight glasses, Rokid appears to have kept itself busy by exploring enterprise use cases, like enabling remote communication for field workers in the auto, oil and gas, and ...
by Rita Liao [March 23, 2022]

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TechCrunchChina’s AR company Rokid closes $160M Series C to expand globally

This week, Rokid said it has secured a $160 million Series C round, lifting its total capital raised to $378 million. Between its last financial injection of $100 million in 2018 and this recent round, we haven’t heard much from Rokid — at least from the consumer side.
by Rita Liao [March 23, 2022]

Rokid is a Leader in Mixed Reality and AI: Here’s Why

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Sharing The Vision

Augmented reality (AR) headsets help construction
teams to ‘see’ things in new ways, but to reap the potential
benefits, they must be capable of high quality, steady video.
by Johan Svensson and Liang Guan

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Playing it Safe: AR’s Digital Benefits for Manufacturers

Like a transparent computer screen in front of the wearer’s eyes, AR headsets and glasses allow manufacturing workers to visualize information, product schematics, documents, and other information from the shop floor, where it’s needed.
by Johan Svensson and Liang Guan [January 7, 2022]