Efficient and Cost-effective AR integrated Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

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Efficient and Cost-effective AR integrated Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

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Application Scenario

AR solutions used in various industries

Rokid Glass 2 offers superior AR solutions including point inspection, operation e-manual, and remote expert applications designed primarily,for field workers. Rokid Glass 2 can successfully help a range of industries reduce costs and enhance working performance safely and effectively. Furthermore, Rokid's hands-free voice-operated AR glasses detect voice commands up to 85 decibels in industrial working environments.

The Advantages of our Remote Collaboration System

Faster response time

  • Connect anytime and anywhere
  • Immediate expert support

Higher efficiency

  • Downtime avoidance
  • Minimize error rate

Lower costs

  • Save travel costs and time
  • Reduce labor costs

Remote Expert Features

- Multi-person Collaboration -

The system supports multi-platform users including Glass, smartphone or computer. All the users can start the collaboration anytime and anywhere, with high resolution video and audio connection.

- Video Recording -

The whole process of troubleshooting on-site issues can be recorded to use as case materials for training or review to optimize working performance in the future.

- Screen and Camera Sharing -

All the users can share their camera view and screen with contents like operation manuals, videos, or other documents. Remote experts can provide assistance and help troubleshoot in real-time.

- Annotation -

Experts can make collaborative annotation on the content or camera view shared by the field workers and provide clear instructions on how to troubleshoot the issue.

- Whiteboard -

Users using a smartphone or computer can create a collaborative whiteboard to share ideas, which could be saved to view afterward. Users can enjoy changing the color and size of the brush, insert a reference image, and many other features on the whiteboard.

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