3D Exploded View

This is an example for 3D Unity applying on X-Craft or Rokid Air/Air Pro. Exploded-view drawing is very helpful in some industries. Technician and mechanical engineer can easily understand the internal structure of components.


Teamviewer helps increasing the productivity of frontline production workers creates massive potential for cost savings; decrease the error rates in logistics, production and assembly processes boosts the quality ...

Xpert System

FacePro Xpert System serves industries such as smart manufacturing, automobiles, rail transit, petrochemical, electric power, new energy, maritime, aerospace, public security and fire protection, smart agriculture, and telemedicine.

Industrial Thermal Vision

Thermal Vision can help frontline worker to detect and record the temperature. Worker can set a safety range and the AR glasses will alert when temperature is out of the range. This function not only can integrate into a third-party app, but also Rokid can customized details for clients.