Rokid AR glasses improve industrial process efficiency by 20% through remote collaboration

Numerous companies worldwide have slowed down their production in the past two years as experts have not been able to provide on-site guidance amid Covid-19 restrictions. To solve the production capacity problem during the epidemic, Rokid has improved the efficiency of well-known beverage companies through intelligent inspection and remote collaboration based on AR glasses.

Rokid AR glasses for remote collaboration increase productivity by 20%

“Historically, it was difficult to communicate and maintain a timely act when encountering problems. Nowadays, you can use AI technology to realize intelligent detection and automatically determine whether the device is standard if you wear AR glass.” Said by front-line workers of the beverage company.

Rokid AR smart glasses, a hardware device with powerful visualization and interactive functions, helped enterprises achieve paperless inspection. Managers can quickly configure the intelligent inspection process of various scenarios backstage and send the command to front-line operators without re-development. Moreover, if there is an unsolvable problem, the operator can also ask for help and transmit the first-view screenshot of the scene through the remote collaboration platform. By doing so, the entire inspection process can be automatically saved in real-time, advancing the efficiency of inspection operations by 20%.

Rokid AR glasses impeccably integrate “virtual and real,” leading the industry change

With the breakthrough development of 5G technology, the technical facilities of VR/AR-related industries have been gradually improved, and the “software + hardware + content + IoT” system has become more mature. We want to merge the real and digital worlds in a friendlier and more natural way through AR glass. In addition, we expect to bring more convenient production methods to enterprises through technological changes and accelerate the development of traditional industries.

About Rokid

Established in 2014, Rokid specializes in the research and product development of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With its mission of “leave nobody behind”, Rokid provides an extreme user experience, superior products, and robust enterprise solutions for developing communities. Our passion motivates us to make a positive and powerful impact on a broad range of industries.

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