Rokid AR Joy Pack
is a game-changing product that will provides users with the ultimate audiovisual experience.


Create Custom Solutions

Add value to your products or services by integrating Rokid AR Joy Pack into them. Lightweight and TÜV Rheinland certified for eye comfort, your clients can enjoy the stunning audiovisual experiences Rokid Max creates on its 215” virtual screen for extended periods of time with complete comfort.


Augmented Reality

Rokid Max provides users with an immersive experience, while still being able to see the real world. Access to the real world enables users to enjoy their favorite streaming services or games while taking public transportation or other situations where they need to know what is going on around them. For a more immersive experience, wearers can attach the cover to block out the real world.


Rokid Max:

Top-Tier Display

Rokid Max produces cinema-grade visuals on a 215” screen with its 50° FOV, 120 Hz refresh rate, 600 nits micro-OLED display. Users can enjoy vibrant colors, perfect black, and smoothness while streaming or gaming, in-doors or out.

For your eyes only

With forward light leakage decreased by 90%, content is kept private.

Spatial Audio

Professional-grade acoustics


Connect Rokid Max to the latest phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and keyboards

Lightweight & Eye-Safe

Only 75g, carefully balanced, and TÜV Rheinland certified for eye-comfort, you can wear it for hours without realizing it's there.


With myopia-correction up to -6.00D you can use Rokid Max without having to wear it over your glasses

A palm-sized battery that packs a punch

A 5,000mAh battery that lasts for 7 days on standby or 5 hours of use. Dual ports allow you to charge it while you use it, and it can also double as a power bank for your phone.

Enjoy Android TV anywhere

All that YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu and more have to offer in your pocket.


Pioneer of AR

Rokid is a product-oriented platform company dedicated to human-computer interaction. As the Pioneer of AR, we devote ourselves to the R&D of hardware and software products of AR headsets as well as ecological architecture. With Rokid, the magic of AR leaves nobody behind.

Rokid AR Joy Pack
is a game-changing product that provides users with the ultimate audiovisual experience.


Rokid Station:

Android TV

The first, and only, Google-certified, portable Android TV™ box for AR glasses.

HDCP & Cloud Gaming

Stream TV, movies, and games legally.


A 5,000maH battery, Rokid Station lasts for 7 days on standby or 5 hours of use. It can also double as a power bank.


Rokid Station is an intuitive, easy-to-use controller for Rokid Max.



The first and only 5G+AI+AR platform that is also explosion-proof (ATEX Zone 1 certified), X-Craft empowers heavy industry frontline workers with tools to increase efficiency and quality.

Rokid Glass 2

Rokid Glass 2 can be worn all-day and is versatile enough to be used for numerous use cases, such as logistics, field service, and healthcare.
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