Rokid in Construction

The Augmented Reality Smart Glasses era is booming and we can’t wait to share with you on how we bridge the gap between you and the world with the world-leading AR technology.

What specific construction and/ or industrial companies use Rokid headsets? How are they used by these companies?

With X-Craft, Ecuador national grid company, France railway station construction, and Chile’s construction association solved 3 critical challenges:

  1. For Ecuador national grid construction, our product significantly reduces patrol inspection hours and data tracking by 42%, which saves the company 4.7million
  2. For France railway station construction, our product helps save a lot of travels, which saves around 3 million on travel expense per year.
  3. For Chile construction associate, they use it for safety training, which reduces the accident down to 0 since all training are done in AR space.

What is Rokid X-Craft and how can it be leverage on the construction sites to improve the workflow, at the same time enhance the safety issue?

  1. Project Planning: before the project start, the construction designers are able to use AR devices for building Information Modeling purpose, even before started, this platform allows the construction designers to efficiently make changes.
  2. Measurement function: use AR headset as a tool, we have variety of accessories along with AR headset – allowing real-time measurement, such as depth sensor for distance, thermal camera for temperature, etc.
  3. Real-time collaboration: we work with partners like lmint and Agora to make sure construction workers are able to utilize AR devices as a tool for real time communication and collaboration.
  4. Avoid physical damage: Construction workers are able to use AR headset to overlay the underground pipeline on google map etc to avoid accidental damage.
  5. Training: In a digital environment, AR devices significantly reduces injury rate.


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