Rokid’s AR glasses empower frontline medical workers with hands-free, voice-enabled, and remote collaboration

With COVID-19 infections continuing to rise worldwide, the healthcare system in numerous countries has collapsed due to unequal distribution of medical resources, insufficient equipment, and a shortage of healthcare workers. A recent innovation, Rokid Glass 2’s voice interaction capability enables full voice interaction and clear recording in a 90DB industrial noise environment, ensuring high-quality voice transmission at the same frequency. In addition, Glass 2 is built in the industry-leading array optical waveguide technology with a contrast ratio of up to 400:1. Beyond that, It has a light transmittance of up to 95%, enabling remote interaction without affecting doctors’ on-site medical operations, and promises to improve patient care quality.

Rokid AR glass 2 successfully improves toxicology patients through remote consultation

One day, a doctor walked into the ICU wearing a special Rokid glass 2 to check a poisoned patient who urgently needed treatment. However, the patient’s physical condition and epidemic factors make it unrealistic to transfer to the hospital or the experts here. To this end, he tried to turn on the full-screen mode with his voice-controlled AR glass and started a remote consultation with experts from another hospital who are professionals at treating poisoning. Instead of waiting to receive the consult, physicians could access it through AR smart glasses at the same time as treating their patients.

Rokid built AR centralized platform to increase healthcare utilization 

In addition to immersive viewing of the patient’s situation, AR glasses also decrease the cost of patient information uploading and downloading. For medical consultation, it is necessary to summarize CT and other data before the formal consultation, upload it to a platform, and remote experts download it from the platform. The back-and-forth work takes a long time and consumes many unnecessary human resources. Now, when doctors wear AR glasses to watch CT films in front of the screen, remote experts can see them synchronously on the computer or mobile phone from AR centralized platform, significantly increasing utilization.

Rokid Glass 2 offers fully hands-free remote expert guidance to their front-line workers while maintaining situational awareness.

During remote consultation, doctors need to use mobile phones and other devices to  know more about the patient’s situation. In this case, the mobile phone will inevitably occupy one hand, which makes it inconvenient for doctors to palpate. However, with AR glasses, the doctor’s hands can be liberated. It can be achieved whether it requires details, multiple angles, or close-range listening, allowing the telemedicine group to understand the patient’s condition better.

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