Top 5 Benefits of using Augmented Reality for your Business

The future of Augmented Reality (AR) in business is now. Currently, AR is considered a great leap in boosting the productivity of workers and simultaneously delivering immersive customer experiences. AR is a very extensive technology that has a place in almost every field of business including, production and manufacturing, distribution, retail, and even training. Its benefits cannot simply be ignored and more businesses are adopting this technology to their operations. As a business yet to venture into AR, you must be wondering ‘Is it worth it?’ Well, let’s look at the benefits and find out.

Benefits of AR for Business

  1. Immersive marketing experience to increase sales

for your business deals in technical goods such as industrial equipment or vehicles, AR allows your potential buyers to remotely experience your product. Using AR wearables such as glasses to provide, customers can see what it would be like to use your product in real life. In this way, your product will advertise itself, helping you to actively convince your customers to purchase it. Additionally, integrating AR into your marketing strategies gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals who do not use this technology.

  1. It helps your technical staff easily identify malfunctions to provide better field service

Suppose you sold a piece of equipment to a customer which has begun malfunctioning, it can be challenging for your field service technical staff to identify the source of the problem. Especially, when it is a newer model, the staff might have to process a lot of new information leading to cognitive overload. AR can play a crucial role in mitigating this by presenting neatly summarized information of how each part should be in a piece of normally-functioning equipment.

As a bonus, having AR wearables with an Infrared sensor allows you to monitor temperature which can be crucial in detecting the source of the problem.

  1. Efficient monitoring of processes in manufacturing

AR empowers managers to seamlessly monitor all sections of the manufacturing industry. They will be able to easily gauge the level of progress in each department and determine whether set goals are being achieved. They will also be able to easily detect equipment malfunctions for example steam pipe leaks, gas leaks, etc. This is only accurate if the AR glasses they are using are built for extreme environments.  

  1. Immersive e-commerce Customer experience

When your business sells most of its products online, customers don’t get to physically interact with products before they make a purchase. In some cases, this could discourage customers from purchasing from you, leading you to resort to desperate measures such as providing free samples at your expense.

Fortunately, with AR you can provide immersive customer experiences while they are shopping online in your store. If you sell furniture, for example, they can leverage the AR to see how the piece of furniture they are purchasing would fit into their rooms. Alternatively, if they are shopping for clothes, AR will enable them to see how clothes will fit them, without physically visiting your store.

  1. Collaborate better with your remote workforce

The modern workforce environment is constantly evolving and enterprises are employing more remote workers each day. AR plays a crucial role in enabling these remote workers to effectively collaborate with those on the premises through video calls, for example. With AR, presentations can be performed more lively and workers can engage with each other as if they are in the same room.

That being said, is there an AR solution that you can recruit for your business to reap these benefits?

Is there a solution that guarantees these benefits and much more?

Rokid, a corporation that specializes in the research and development of XR devices, is responsible for the development of the world’s first 5G explosion-proof MR device. Rokid develops robust devices, built to revolutionize the future of work environments. Some of the key features include:

  • Optical waveguide technology to support clean and strong connections.
  • Support for voice commands allowing hands-free operation.
  • Designed to survive extreme conditions, such as explosions.
  • Infrared sensor for temperature monitoring for both equipment and people.
  • A long-lasting battery, up to 8 hours.
  • In support of Rokid’s mission of “leave nobody behind”, it supports up to 12 languages including English, German, French, Chinese, and many more.
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