Decrease Downtime With Rokid’s AR Glasses

Downtime costs companies tens of thousands of dollars every minute (which can be up to $1 million dollars a day), making it essential to prevent, or decrease, unplanned downtime. We are excited to be working with Wideum to provide our clients AR glasses and software to decrease downtime, travel costs, and teams’ knowledge gaps.

Worker wearing X-Craft on an oil rig.

Wideum’s Remote eye software connects on-site teams with remote experts via livestreaming. The experts see everything the on-site teams do, and can guide them through essential processes. They are able to draw annotations that show up on our glasses’ displays to help the wearer better understand how to execute their instructions.

Remote collaboration enables on-site teams to tackle difficult tasks and you no longer have to wait for remote experts to arrive. Faster maintenance times decrease downtime, saving you tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars. By eliminating the need to bring experts on-site, you can decrease travel and save on the costs associated with it. Remote collaboration also saves you money by closing the knowledge gap. You can get more out of junior technicians, which reduces the need to hire expensive senior ones.

Remote eye also offers numerous features to provide seamless communication:

-Add third-party experts to calls without extra licenses

-Capture and edit images during calls in real-time to add annotations

-Translate in real-time with an automatic translator and speech to text transcription

When used in conjunction with our AR glasses, such as our 5G explosion-proof X-Craft or lightweight Glass 2, everything is kept at eye-level and can be controlled with voice commands, keeping your workers’ hands free. Our AR glasses can be used indoors and out, and are highly transparent, allowing users to see both the real and virtual worlds clearly. 

Click the “Book a Demo” button to speak with our team about how we can help you decrease downtime and save money.

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