World’s 1st Google-Certified Android TV Box for AR

The dawn of a new era of mobile streaming is upon us. You are finally no longer confined to sitting in front of a TV to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and games on a screen that actually allows you to see what is happening clearly. Recently featured in Forbes, Rokid Max+Station pairs AR glasses with the first Google-certified Android TV box for AR for a next-gen experience.

Rokid Max+Station (AR glasses and hub) showing streaming TV and movies

Rokid Max

You know those shows with dark scenes that you can’t see clearly and leave you wondering what happened? Rokid Max allows you to watch TV/movies and play games the way they were meant to be. Between its 215″ virtual screen and micro-OLED display that creates vibrant colors and perfect black, you can see minute details clearly.

It’s no wonder why Forbes described Rokid Max as “one of the best consumer grade AR glasses on the market”.

Rokid Station

The first Google-certified Android TV box for AR, Rokid Station serves as Rokid Max’s controller and battery. Rokid Station also gives uses access to streaming services and games from Google Play Store, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu.

With Rokid Station, we are staying true to our mission of leaving nobody behind. Rokid Station is simple and intuitive enough that anyone can use it without having to figure it out or asking someone to teach them.

A 5,000mAh battery, Rokid Station can power Rokid Max for 5 hours of streaming or playing games. If that’s not enough to binge the latest TV show or a movie marathon, it can charge while in use. It can also double as a cell phone power bank, ensuring users phones never run out of power.

Rokid Max+Station is the perfect way to augment your customers’ experiences with your products or services, which is why automotive companies are integrating them into their products. Add Rokid Max+Station to your products/services to give your customers a next-gen experience.

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